Those who dare bigger, who push boundaries, who keep others out of harm's way, demand high-performing protective gear that is up to the challenge.

Padding for sports equipment and apparel

Sports footwear, equipment and apparel

From football pads to shin guards to shoe inserts, the impact protection of DivGel® can enhance high-performing sports protective gear to reach their maximum potential.  

Cushioning for extreme sports protective gear

Extreme sports and motor sports protective gear

Today's athletes are pushing the boundaries of extreme sports, and thus creating more of a need than ever for durable, high-performing impact protection.

Police, fire and military protective equipment

Police, fire and military protective equipment

Defense, law enforcement and fire professionals require top-quality protective equipment ranging from knee and elbow pads to tactical gear.  DivGel® has been tested by the military and offers high-performance impact protection with less bulk than traditional foam padding.

Worker safety and protective equipment

Worker safety and protective equipment

DivGel® is an ideal solution for enhancing the protective quality of worker safety gloves, apparel and footwear.  Our patented gel technology is capable of distributing the impact and shock of work related accidents better than existing alternatives in the marketplace.  

DivGel® is also used to produce numerous consumer and household items, from cushioning floor mats to shoe insoles, because of its superior shock absorbing properties.

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