As the speed and velocity of high-impact activities increase, DivGel® is partnering to make products safer and better able to rapidly transfer force away from participants. 

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Rapid Energy Transfer Technology

Impact absorbing gel polymer

Engineered for Reducing Impact

DivGel® is derived from a process in which material is polymerized into one long, loosely cross-linked, flexible molecule that is folded back on itself many times.  These sections can easily slide past each other but still remain connected, thereby absorbing and dissipating unprecedented amounts of kinetic energy.


Energy moves out, not through

As a result of our patented impact-reducing gel technology, kinetic energy is dissipated outward from the point of impact and is absorbed and dissipated throughout the entire gel strip.

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Industries & Product Applications

Impact sports padding

Impact Sports

High performance athletes are taking traditional sports to new extremes - stronger, faster, harder. These additional demands on the human body require extreme impact protection.

Extreme sports protective gear

Extreme Sports

Extreme sports are becoming more and more popular requiring new levels of protection and injury prevention.  High speed impact injuries are common and can be substantially reduced with DivGel®.

Police, fire and military protective gear


Police, fire and military units operate in situations where threats are constant and unpredictable. Our impact and heat absorption technology is ideal for protecting those who protect others.

Any industry that involves protecting fragile items or safeguarding human participants can benefit from DivGel®.

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